Friday, April 18, 2014

Sebastian Gonzales is awarded highest score

The Royal Conservatory of Music exam in piano performance. Sebastian Gonzales is awarded the highest score in 2013 in the Fountain Valley Center. Sebastian tested in level 3, preparing for his exam in 6 weeks.

Sai Sivapalan Top Five Scholarship recipient

Congratulations to Sai Sivapalan. Sai accumulated 11 years of piano guild programs and his accumulated score brought him top honors.

Eva Martin Hollaus piano studio Certificate of Merit results

Graduating Seniors: Patrick Xu and Eduardo Dominguez

90% - 100% theory:
Patrick Xu - Advanced Level - theory exempt, Panel Finalist, Convention, Branch Honors, Graduating Senior
Cynthia Phan - Advanced Level - theory exempt, Panel Finalist, Convention, Branch Honors
Jordan Ocasla - Preparatory Level - 100% theory score
Tara Romero - Level 4 - Convention - 96% theory score
Emika Saito - Level 4, Convention - 93% theory score
Jim Powers - Level 3 - 92% theory score - Adult student

Eduardo Dominguez - Level 7 - Graduating Senior, Branch Honors
Sebastian Gonzales - Level 6
Anais Perkins - Level 8 - Branch Honors, Convention
Kathleen Phan - Level 8 - Branch Honors
Stacey Phan - Level 7 - Convention

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sophie (4) plays Mary had a Little Lamb


Wow, Sophie played Mary had a Little Lamb and we even get a count! Hurray.

Sophie (4) practices C Major scale


Sophie has been taking lessons since 5 months. Here she is practicing C Major scale with mom. We get metronome and CURVED FINGERS! I am so happy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Steinway Society fo Riverside County Junior Competition results

Hello all:

I am very happy to let everyone know, that Sebastian Gonzales and Emika Saito performed March 9, 2014 and Emika was chosen as one of the five winners.
This event was a milestone for both, Sebastian and Emika.

Patrick Xu and Cynthia Nguyen Phan to proceed to Panel Finals

March 2, 2014 marked the date for the MTAC Panel Competition.
Patrick Xu is a graduating senior (12th grade) this year and he was chosen to proceed to the Panel Finals.
Cynthia Nguyen Phan, 10th grade performed for the first year in the Panel competition. She was invited to proceed to the Finals competition, as well.

Congratulations to both performers.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tara Romero receives Award

Tara Romero received the highest score for RCM Level 5 for California in 2013 and performed at the CAPMT State Convention Feb 1, 2014.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Inland Empire Piano Competition Results

I am very happy that every student who performed yesterday, received an award.

Congratulations to all your hard work.

Trisha Leungsikul - 1A - 3rd place
Ophelia Herabadi - 1A - Honorable Mention
Emika Saito - 3A - 2nd place
Sebastian Gonzales - 4B - Honorable Mention
Anais Perkins - 5A - 4th place
Cynthia Phan - 5A - Honorable Mention