Friday, October 25, 2013

Ophelia (age 8) - 4 octaves D Major scale

Ophelia has an excellent start learning to play piano. She has been working very diligently to learn the co-ordination necessary to play these scales. She says the Play Piano In All Keys Fingering Charts have been very helpful.

TVMTA Halloween Recital 2013 with Odelia and Ophelia Herabadi

Thank you for participating and playing so beautifully!!!

Sixth Piano Guild High School Diploma

In the 13 years teaching piano in the Lake Elsinore, Murrieta, Temecula area my piano studio was able to produce 6 High School Diploma winners as certified by the American College of Musicians:
Jake McKeon, Paderewski Medal and $200.00 scholarship winner;
Shanti Ryle, Paderewski Medal and $200.00 scholarship winner;
Juliette Beucler;
Mitchell Johnson;
Bret Paddock, Paderewski Medal and First Place - Top Five 2012 scholarship winner;
Sai Sivapalan, Paderewski Medal and Top Five 2013 scholarship winner.

Sai Sivapalan Piano Guild Top Five Winner

Sai Sivapalan Piano Guild scholarship recipient

Ophelia October 19th., 2013 Recital (+playlist)

Ophelia's Recital:
Kabalevski Dance and Bartok's Hungarian Folk Song

Odelia October 19th., 2013 Recital (+playlist)

Odelia performing Roller Skate Ride

Astor Piazzola El Viaje, Sai Sivapalan piano

Sai Sivapalan performs the Astor Piazzola Tango

Lee Hoiby Prelude op. 7, no. 1, Sai Sivapalan piano

Please, enjoy Sai Sivapalan's performance of the Hoiby Prelude.