Saturday, August 20, 2011

Piano Studio August 2011

Without all the parent support our achievements would not be possible.

A FUN Picture: Eva Martin Hollaus Piano Guild

Walter and Kelly Rausch, Chloe Lovato, Shanti Ryle, Vinayak and Vishakh Pillai, Bret Paddock, Patrick Xu (back row), Ranen Unger Hicks and Suzanne; Sierra Rupnow back row and Rachel Hong, Charys Hong and Raeva Solbach front row.

The Last of the Piano Guild Auditions for 2011

The Last of the Piano Guild Auditions for 2011

I wanted to acknowledge the last students who participated in the Piano Guild auditions:
Raeva Solbach performed a brand new 10-piece program that she learned in 6 weeks in the Elementary A category. Her former teacher taught excellent Suzuki piano, which was excellent memory work, but lacking in reading and confidence learning new pieces. This program was the perfect opportunity to catch up on missed basics. Raeva performed a brand new 10-piece memorized program that helped her catch up. Congratulations to her very first gold medal!
Sharmini and Nira Premananthan performed on Friday, both earned their gold medals with 10-piece programs.
Sierra Rupnow could also perform her 6th year in Piano Guild auditions earning a Gold Medal with her 10-piece program.
Yin Ni Lee performed a difficult 3-piece program. This was Yin Ni’s first piano guild audition and I am very happy she went and performed.
Thank goodness – it is all done and over! It seemed this year had been extremely difficult to push through. There were scheduling changes, scheduling conflicts that suddenly arose left and right; all done – what a relief. I feel I could go on a three week vacation — but you know, it will not happen. The summer months are the golden time to work technique and get a few pages in the theory books done.
Onward and forward, tomorrow is another day, more great music to listen to.
Maybe I could say, I live from one note to next well played note!
More on our total Gold Medal count later, I need a couple hours of vacation, until tomorrow!

Eva Martin Hollaus and Shanti Ryle

Eva Martin Hollaus and Shanti Ryle. Shanti's National Guild of Piano Teachers High school Diploma Certificate and the MTAC Certificate of Merit, Branch Honors and Graduating Senior Plaque. As time flies, Shanti has been my student since January 2000. This year marks Shanti's 10th Gold Medal Piano Guild Certificate. "Thank you, Shanti, for staying with piano; you are an amazingly accomplished all-around artist. The very best of luck to you in your music and drama career - wherever it may take you, you will shine. Congratulations!"

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Two New National Piano Guild Auditions Gold Medal Winners

August 12, 2011, Sharmini Premananthan (14) completed successfully her 6th year Piano Guild Gold Medal National Certificate in the College Preparatory Classification and Nira Premananthan (10) completed here 4th year Piano Guild Gold Medal National Certificate in the Intermediate A Classification.
Congratulations to both for their accomplishments.

Sharmini is attending many academic challenge classes and is extremely busy; but she loves playing piano. Playing piano provides mental and emotional relaxation balancing her extremely challenging academics.
She was able to perform a wonderful program that included two preludes by Bach from the WTC I, the e minor prelude and the F sharp Major Prelude, the Scott Joplin Paragon Rag, the Lecuona Gitanerias, the Mozart Sonata in B flat Major K  570 1st movement, The Schubert Klavierstueck D 946 #1 and the Chopin Etude op 25 no 1, musicianship phases that included all scales in Major and minor, chords/cadences and arpeggios.
Sincerest thank you, to the judge Mrs Joanne Lo who evaluated the audition. The auditions were held at the Foundatin Valley Music Center in Huntington Beach, CA.

Shanti Ryle Piano Guild High School Diploma

Just wanted to share with you Shanti Ryle's beautiful Piano Guild high School Diploma photograph! This certificate marks her tenth year National and International Program.  Amazing how time flies, it was just like yesterday - 10 years ago - when Shanti started preparing her very first Piano Guild program. I am very happy I could be her piano teacher for all these years and help develop her musical talent.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Education Articles - Play Piano - Avoid the 7 Most Common Piano Practice Errors - Article Search Engine

Education Articles - Play Piano - Avoid the 7 Most Common Piano Practice Errors - Article Search Engine

Let's go over the seven most common practice errors and the secrets to unlock flawless and effortless practice progress:
As a piano teacher or student are we not hearing these daily?
1. I just want to learn to play a piece – I do not have time for boring scales or theory
2. Metronome practice? You must be kidding!
3. The most important thing is to get the notes right
4. If you practice and make a mistake, just keep trying, eventually you will get it
5. Only people who cannot play piano need to write in finger numbers
6. Never mind practicing technique or learning theory, just practice a piece until you get it.
7. If I play a piece often enough I will be able to play it from memory.

Ever heard of these before? - Please, read the article to find my explanations! Enjoy and play well!