Student Performances

Cassiopea Bostan performs the Clementi Sonatina op 36 No 6 1st movement.

Cassiopea Bostan (age 10) performs the Clementi Sonatina Op 36 no 6 Rondo. 

Patrick Xu (14) performs the Schubert Klavierstueck #1 in e flat minor D 946. Patrick is a 2011 Steinway Awards Festival scholarship recipient; recorded at the winners recital May 1, 2011in Palm Desert, CA. Patrick also received his Theory Exemption certification in the Advanced Level in the MTAC Certificate of Merit(TM) and he completed his 2nd year 15-piece program in the Piano Guild auditions. Please, enjoy his performance.

Ranen Unger Hicks (age 9) performing the Khachaturian Sonatina in C Major, III. in the Annenberg theater in Palm Springs, CA; Ranen is a scholarship recipient of the Steinway Awards Festival 2010; he also was awarded 2nd place winner in the Southern California Junior Bach Festival Complete Works Audition in October 2010. He performed the J. S. Bach Invention #8 in F Major and the Synphonia #8 in F Major.

Stacey Nguyen Phan (age 8) performs Lavender's Blue by Melody Bober. Stacey just completed successfully her 5th year guild audition performing a 10-piece program.

Stacey Nguyen Phan(age 8) performs Winter Moon by Kathy Holmes.

Cynthia Nguyen Phan (age 11) performs the J. S. Bach English Suite in a minor BWV 807 Prelude at the Southern California Junior Bach Regional Festival in May 2010.

Cynthia Nguyen Phan (age 12) performs the J. S. Bach English Suite in a minor BWV 807 Gigue at the Southern California Junior Bach Branch Festival March 2011.

Cynthia Nguyen Phan (age 13) performs the Piano Guild Intermediate F Scales musicianship phase. She is playing Major, harmonic and melodic minor scales in the circle of fifths, three octaves in triplet rhythm.

Alex Few performing the Haydn D Major with the Inland Valley Youth orchestra, recorded in 2009.

Justin Markowitz performs his own composition, world Premier: World of Wonders with the California Chamber Orchestra. Justin often told me how much learning theory, the MTAC Certificate of Merit(TM) program and Guild auditions helped him develop his creativity composing music. He also felt practicing scales, chords/cadences and arpeggios in all keys was very valuable. It helped him to free himself and modulate into many keys, simply being more creative. Performed live and recorded December 28, 2008 in Temecula, CA

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