Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mozart Fantasia in d minor K 397 performed by Kelly Rausch

Kelly performed this Mozart fantasy in the Grace Presbyterian Church in Temecula in June 2012.

Waltz no1, op 18 in E flat Major - Chopin performed by Cynthia Nguyen Phan

Cynthia performs the Chopin Waltz no 1.  Cynthia started taking piano lessons with me 6 years ago; she is now in 9th grade. The recording was made yesterday at the Temecula library at the Inland Valley Symphony recital program. Please enjoy Cynthia's performance.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Black Birds - Trisha Leungsikul (6 years old) First Recital

I am looking forward to the next performances. Trisha started piano lessons mid June this year and already performed successfully a 10-piece Gold medal Piano Guild program.  this performance was recorded October 13, 2012 at the United Methodist Church in Temecula, at the TVMTA student recital.

Trumpet Man and My Best Friend - Odelia Herabadi (5 years old) First Recital

There is a beginning for everyone! So precious, these first times in a recital! Enjoy.

Macaroni Cha Cha - Ophelia Herabadi (7 years old) First Recital

Please, enjoy Ophelia's first performance. I always enjoy the little ones, especially when we can see their progress over the years.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Play Piano In All Keys Fingering Charts are the secret to success

All my students learn to play piano with a regular method book and immediately, at the same time, in lesson "1", start with my Play Piano In All Keys Complete Workbook fingering charts book.

Students start one octave, two octaves, then four octaves all while learning to play early beginner pieces. This way, we make use of the golden time working the fingers and teaching the ear. This time is golden, because the students cannot yet play repertoire which without doubt is more fun than practicing scales, chords/cadences and arpeggios.  But in defense of practicing scales - when older students have been busy with home work and could not practice, they enjoy to relax the mind and just run their fingers (with the metronome) and we still accomplish lots.

As soon as students can play scales, chords and arpeggios, we can program pieces that include those elements and onward.

Stay tuned, more exciting student performances coming.

More description of the Complete Workbook:

So far every student who started playing piano with me could benefit from practicing scale, chords and arpeggios skills using this book.

TVMTA Recital October 13, 2012

Ophelia and Odelia Herabadi, Trisha Leungsikul, Anais Perkins, Eduardo Dominguez and Sebastian Gonzales performed their current pieces.
Ophelia performed the Macaroni Cha Cha by Keveren, Odelia and Trisha performed lovely pieces from the Hal Leonard Series.

This recital marked Trisha's first performance and Odelia's and Ophelia's second performances.

Anais Perkins delighted the audience with the Scott Joplin Stop-TIme Rag and a Chopin Nocturne; both Eduardo Dominguez and Sebastian Gonzales performed the J. S. Bach Invention #1.
The performance was hosted by the Temecula Valley Music Teachers Association at the United Methodist Church in Temecula, CA.

More videos from cmb747 (playlist) Cassiopeia Bostan

Cassie performed in Gainesville MTA, Florida at a student recital.

Bach English Suite II, BWV 807 - Sarabande, Cassiopeia Bostan, pianist

Bach,Invention 3-BWV 774 Cassiopeia Bostan (11)

Bach,Invention 2-BWV 773 Cassiopeia Bostan, pianist

Bach, Invention 1-BWV 772, Cassiopeia Bostan (11)

Bach, Invention 13-BWV 784, Cassiopeia Bostan (11)

Bach, Invention 11-BWV 782, Cassiopeia Bostan (11)

Bach, Invention 10-BWV 781, Cassiopeia Bostan (11)

Bach, Sinfonia 15-BWV 801, Cassiopeia Bostan (11)

Bach, Invention 15-BWV 786, Cassiopeia Bostan

Bach, Invention 14-BWV 785, Cassiopeia Bostan (11)

Cassiopeia's Bach Plaque

Cassiopeia Bostan (11) completed her Advanced Bach Plaque in June, 2012. She performed eleven 2-part Inventions, one 3-part Sinphonia and three movements of the 2nd English Suite by Bach (Prelude, Sarabande and Gigue). Cassie moved to Florida in October 2010 and we have been working January 2011 - July 2012 via Skype. This entire program was instructed over the internet.

Please, enjoy Cassie's playing on her youtube channel cmb747.

Sai Sivapalan completed his 10th International Piano Guild Program

Sai Sivapalan just completed his 10th International Piano Guild Gold Medal, which is making him eligible for the Paderewski Medal, an honor which each student is eligible only once.
Sai's program included the entire Sonata op 53 "The Waldstein" by L v Beethoven, the Ballade op 38 by Chopin, the Prelude and Fugue WTC I in G Maj by J S Bach; the Liszt Transcendental Etude #6 Vision, the
Debussy Prelude bk 1 The Sunken Cathedral; the c# minor op posth. Nocturne by Chopin and the Hoiby Prelude plus scales, chords, cadences, arpeggios, sight reading and ear training. Sai's examination was 1 hour long.
Sai is in 11th grade and us looking forward to a medical career.

Sai drove all the way to Ventura to perform his program. He is so busy, that was the only time we could find to have him test.

It is amazing to me, what students can achieve these days, if they put their minds to it.

Eva Martin Hollaus 2012 Piano GUild audition results

Eva Martin Hollaus 2012 Piano Guild adutition results
# students # years in Guild # years Gold First  Last
Judge: Laura Daly Temecula, CA
1 7 7 Chloe Lovato ID N-10
Judge: Terry K Moore Florida
2 4 4 Cassiopeia Bostan PBM PS-15 Advanced Bach Plaque
Judge: Mary F Feyk  Ventura, CA 20-Jun-12
3 10 10 Sai Sivapalan PS I-15 Paderewski Medal
Judge: Judith Cataldo Escondido, CA
4 2 2 Juliette Beucler HSD PD I-15 Regular High School Diploma
5 8 4 Brittany Durgiah IB N-10
6 6 6 Kelly Rausch IS N-10
7 1 1 Tara Romero IA N-10
8 7 7 Thulasi Yogarajah IC N-10
9 2 2 Raeva Solbach EC N-10
10 1 1 Dia Solbach EA N-10
11 1 1 Eduardo Dominguez IA N-10
12 1 1 Odelia Nadira Hearabadi EA N-10
13 1 1 Ophelia Chiara Herabadi EA N-10
14 6 6 Cynthia Nguyen Phan IS I-16
15 6 6 Kathleen Nguyen Phan IS N-13
16 6 6 Stacey Nguyen Phan ES N-12
Judge: Coralee Gaytan Fountain Valley, CA
17 1 1 Nubia Adeline Gonzales EA N-10
18 1 1 Jim Powers EC N-10
19 4 4 Anais Perkins ID N-10
20 1 1 Meisha Jones EA N-10
Judge: Dr. Craig Ralston Garden Grove, CA
21 7 0 Vishakh  Pillai IC S-8
22 1 1 Trisha Leungsikul EA N-10
23 3 3 Patrick Xu PS I-15
24 7 7 Mitchell  Johnson HSD PD I-15 Regular High School Diploma
25 9 9 Bret  Paddock HSD PD I-15 Regular High School Diploma
26 10 10 Bret Paddock PB N-10 Paderewski Medal, $200.00 Scholarship
27 2 1 Yi Ni Lee PA N-10

Ranen at Steinway May 6, 2012

Ranen performed his left hand piece - while his other hand was resting in a cast. This was Ranen's last performance for our Studio. He performed the Saint-Saens 6 Etudes pour la Main Gauche Op 135 No 1, Prelude in G Major.  Only dedicated and consistent practice will take you to the top.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Patrick Xu and Ranen Unger Hicks winners

In the MTAC young pianist competition Ranen took first and Patrick took second place in their age groups. Ranen broke his wrist beginning of April and had 2 weeks to learn a left hand piece. He opted not to perform, but he still received his trophy and prize money. Patrick is pictured with his mom. Patrick received a second place trophy and prize.

Patrick Xu performing in the Senior Steinway Awards Festival

Patrick performed the Rachmaninoff Prelude in g minor, the Beethoven Sonata op 2#3 and the Volodos Turkish March.

Bret Paddock playing double bass in the IVS

Amazingly gifted. I heard Bret's double bass playing for the first time in the Elsinore rotary competition and he plays beautifully.

Certificate of Merit Studio Results

Student Name: Path: Grade CM Level: Additional Programs and Honors
1 Juliette Beucler Path A Grade 12 Advanced Branch Honors, Graduating Senior
2 Eduardo Dominguez Path A Grade 10 3 Convention
3 Brittany Durgiah Path A Grade 9 6 Branch Honors
4 Adam Ghilarducci Path A Grade 8 4 Convention
5 Amy Ghironzi Path A Grade 7 5 Branch Honors, Convention
6 Mitchell Johnson Path A Grade 12 Advanced Branch Honors, Graduating Senior
7 Yin Ni Lee Path A Grade 12 9
8 Chloe Lovato Path A Grade 12 7 Branch Honors
9 Bret A. Paddock Path A Grade 12 Advanced Branch Honors, Graduating Senior
10 Anais Perkins Path A Grade 8 6 Branch Honors
11 Cynthia Nguyen Phan Path A Grade 8 Advanced Branch Honors
12 Kathleen Nguyen Phan Path A Grade 6 7
13 Stacey Nguyen Phan Path A Grade 4 4
14 Vishakh Pillai Path A Grade 9 6 Branch Honors, Convention
15 Jim Powers Path A Adult 1
16 Niranjana Premananthan Path A Grade 6 7 Branch Honors
17 Sharmini Premananthan Path A Grade 10 Advanced, Panel Branch Honors, Convention
18 Kelly Rausch Path A Grade 5 4
19 Sai Sivapalan Path A Grade 11 Advanced, Panel Branch Honors, Convention
20 Ranen Unger Hicks Path A Grade 5 4 Convention
21 Andrew Nguyen Vu Path A Grade 12 Advanced Graduating Senior
22 Nessa Nguyen Vu Path A Grade 8 7 Branch Honors
23 Victoria Nguyen Vu Path A Grade 8 7
24 Patrick Xu Path A Grade 10 Advanced, Panel Branch Honors
25 Thulasi Yogarajah Path A Grade 6 4

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cassiopeia's Performance Certificate in the MTNA Florida State Piano Competition

Cassies performed a fantastic program including the Prelude from the second English Suite by Bach, the entire Clementi Sonatina Op 36 no 6 and both Waltzes op 69 no 1 & 2 by Chopin.
Cassie learned the Op 36 no 6 1st movement and the Chopin Waltz op 69 no 2 in California in my Temecula Studio and then learned the other pieces in Skype-lessons after her move to Florida.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Piano Guild Paderewski Medal Honors times two!

I am honored to announce that both Sai Sivapalan and Bret Paddock qualified for the Paderewski Medal.

The American College of Musicians offers this honor only once in any student's course of studies.

The requirements are passing high grades and 10 years of 10 - 20 piece programs performed annually.

Congratulations to both